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Suri Cruise Wears A Dress On The Beach


The Cruise Family are in Brazil right now to accompany Daddy Cruise in promoting his movie, Valkyrie. They’re also spending some quality time in the beach. The location doesn’t stop Suri Cruise from wearing one her signature/favorite kind of clothing.


 A pretty dress of course. What else would Suri Cruise wear? I’m actually surprised she’s not wearing one of her Mary Janes. At least it’s a cute smocked floral print dress. It matches the beach, somehow. She’s probably wearing her swimsuit underneath that dress.

One more picture of Suri Cruise after the fold…

Suri is just too cute. It looks like she met some friends too and is having a great time on the beach. She’s probably happy to be away from cold NYC


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Toy Box: A Castle Built For Your Royal Family


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! While housing prices may be falling, your lil ones can live like royalty with the Calacastle cardboard castle ($125). Made from high-quality cardboard, the easy to build play set is large and sturdy enough for tots of all ages and can be decorated to your princess’ specifications. With hidden storage areas and secret compartments, it is the perfect hideaway. The 41″ x 41″ x 49″ kit can even be rearranged to create new layouts when kids become bored with the current one. And when they have had their fill of the set, it is completely recyclable.


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Bites of Love :Colorful Candy Brownie Cupcake

If your tots are wild about chocolate make them a simple sweet treat for Valentine’s Day that’s heavy on the cute, but lighter on the serving size and sugar. You can dress up everyday snacks like brownie bites with small decorations like a dab of icing and three M&M’s to transform them into festive bites of love.

Not only will you avoid bakery lines and baking time, but brownie bites are much smaller than full-sized cupcakes or the giant sugar cookies so your tots won’t be prompted to jump off the walls.

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Mother Admits She Doesn’t Love Her Daughter

Shelley Price doesn’t love her own daughter, and fears she never will. This tearful mother of two is telling her story because she believes that she isn’t the only mother to ever tackle such a taboo subject, and hopes she may help others come to terms with this unspeakable truth. How can this be? (Update: The story that originally ran on dailymail.co.uk on January 22, 2009 was pulled off the site the following day. Read on and you’ll see why.) Price was just 22 when she had her eldest daughter, Catherine, now 11. Shortly after Catherine’s birth, a five-year relationship with the father fizzled. That didn’t help matters. [Read more →]

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Husband Overseas, Quintuplets’ Mother Overwhelmed by Demands, Expenses


There are days when life for Adwai Malual looks like an endless wheel. Already she has lived through much: growing up in Sudan as war tore apart her homeland, discovering in the midst of it that she was pregnant, coming to this strange land of America.Then, weeks later, she gave birth to quintuplets.

Now, in a small, crowded apartment in Laurel nearly two months after the babies’ delivery, Malual’s life is dominated by another kind of chaos. It begins every day at 3 a.m., as she wakes up to take over feeding duties from her mother, visiting from Sudan. One by one, she tends to her five babies in 40-minute shifts. By the time she has changed the last one’s diaper, the first is crying for food again. And so it goes for 12 hours straight, until she hands them off to her mother so she can sleep for a little while before waking do it all again.

Life is now confined to this second-floor apartment and to the most basic of human needs: eating, peeing, pooping, burping and sleeping.

“I am grateful for the blessings in my life,” the 28-year-old said recently during a rare break from her babies. “And I am tired.”

All day long, her mind alternates between those two states. She thanks God for the people — many of them complete strangers — who donated diapers, time and money to help her through her grueling first few weeks out of the hospital. Then she prays for some way to survive the weeks ahead.

When Malual, who had been working as a branch inspector of a bank in southern Sudan, first learned that she was pregnant with multiple children — three or four, her doctors in Sudan guessed — she thought it would be easy. “It was my first time as mother,” she laughed.

[

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The Obama Daughters: Rebirth of Cool

Anne Hathaway wants to baby-sit them. The Jonas Brothers are happy serenading them. The Bush daughters want to give them advice. A lot of people want to dress like them. The youngest residents of the White House have sure grabbed Americans’ attention — on and offline.

It’s true that being the daughters of the president of the United States has got to be a tough act. But that mantle is lightly held by Malia, 10 and Sasha, 7, the daughters of first couple Barack and Michelle Obama. Ever since they’ve been headed to the White House, the daughters have been gaining attention, with the curious turning to their computers to find out more. Since inauguration, searches on the two girls soared over 500%. The curious want to know, “how tall is malia obama,” “sasha obama age,” and “letter to sasha and malia.”

But the inauguration weekend launched the girls into a new level of celebrity with frenzied searches on everything from “sasha and malia inauguration outfits,” “malia and sasha obama pictures,” and “sasha and malia obama and jonas brothers.” The girls, who got their own fashion press, heated up hits on the website J.Crew, causing it to crash after it was revealed that their coats came from the online store. (The site right now is featuring sketches of the girls in their inauguration coats.)

Newsweek even asked, “Are Sasha and Malia bigger than Miley Cyrus?” While they don’t have their own TV show yet, never say never.

The ultimate nod to their rise to top of the pop-culture heap has got to be the Beanie Babies namesake dolls that have just come out, although the company claims that they just liked the names and are not named after the first daughters.

Perhaps father does know best. When asked by George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” how his daughters managed their first week of school, Obama replied, “They seemed to thrive. I’m trying to figure out why it is that they don’t seemed to be fazed by anything. People think — you know, folks think I’m cool, they are a lot cooler than I am.”

That’s one point on which father and daughters would probably agree.

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Anne Hathaway: I Want to Babysit the Obama Girls

Anne Hathaway: I Want to Babysit the Obama GirlsPresident-elect Barack Obama has already filled his cabinet with Washington veterans like Hillary Clinton – but could there be room for Hollywood in his administration?

Anne Hathaway is just one star who would love a job in the Obama White House.

“I would want to be head babysitter,” the Bride Wars star tells PEOPLE. “I’d love to be First Babysitter, absolutely.”

Hathaway, 26, is not the only celebrity who would jump at the chance to spend time with Obama’s daughters, Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10. High School Musical star Corbin Bleu says he would happily perform for the first daughters.

“I’ll just go up and do performances for his kids all day and just keep them entertained,” he tells PEOPLE. “They seem like really sweet girls. They seem very well mannered. So I would be First Entertainer.”

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta echoed that sentiment. “I would give the girls music lessons,” he tells PEOPLE. “Probably not piano lessons, because I’m far from the greatest pianist, but voice lessons.”

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Let Them Eat Cake…And Candy Canes!


I’ve never bought into the whole concept that candy makes kids hyperactive so I’ve never denied my children sweets when it came to holiday festivities. But, now there’s reason for the moms who do attribute their tykes’ energetic behavior to treats to relax. This Christmas, let your lil one have a candy cane. Guess what myth topped the list of holiday myths? To find out, read more.

On the subject of sugar making kids hyperactive, report said:

The researchers cite 12 controlled studies that couldn’t detect any differences in behavior between children who had sugar and those who did not. Even when kids had a diagnosis of hyperactivity problems or were said to be more sensitive to sugar, they did not behave differently whether they ate sugar-laden or sugar-free diets. In fact, the biggest effect of sugar may be on parents. Parents rate their children as being more hyperactive if they are told the child has consumed sugar — even when the child hasn’t really had any sweets.



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Wrap It Up: Put Your Budding Artist’s Work to Good Use

My daughter’s backpack is always filled to the brim with paintings, pictures, and doodles that I can’t bring myself to toss. Rather than tuck them away to collect dust, I’m putting them to good use this holiday season — let’s face it, we can only keep so many! We’re using her lil masterpieces — including completed coloring book pages — to wrap small gifts. Tucking the artwork around books, videos, and boxes, we’ll showcase her artistic talents for all to enjoy! We also added a bit of sparkle by wrapping bows around the goodies with a steady hand and a glitter glue pen. While this homade paper costs pennies, the pictures are priceless!



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The Gifted Child: Five-Year-Olds


The kindergartner on your list may be a bit precocious at times, but he is still a baby in your eyes. Help him continue to explore the world around him with some gifts that are sure to get him asking questions.

Among our favorites for the five-year-old this year are:

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