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The Obama Daughters: Rebirth of Cool

Anne Hathaway wants to baby-sit them. The Jonas Brothers are happy serenading them. The Bush daughters want to give them advice. A lot of people want to dress like them. The youngest residents of the White House have sure grabbed Americans’ attention — on and offline.

It’s true that being the daughters of the president of the United States has got to be a tough act. But that mantle is lightly held by Malia, 10 and Sasha, 7, the daughters of first couple Barack and Michelle Obama. Ever since they’ve been headed to the White House, the daughters have been gaining attention, with the curious turning to their computers to find out more. Since inauguration, searches on the two girls soared over 500%. The curious want to know, “how tall is malia obama,” “sasha obama age,” and “letter to sasha and malia.”

But the inauguration weekend launched the girls into a new level of celebrity with frenzied searches on everything from “sasha and malia inauguration outfits,” “malia and sasha obama pictures,” and “sasha and malia obama and jonas brothers.” The girls, who got their own fashion press, heated up hits on the website J.Crew, causing it to crash after it was revealed that their coats came from the online store. (The site right now is featuring sketches of the girls in their inauguration coats.)

Newsweek even asked, “Are Sasha and Malia bigger than Miley Cyrus?” While they don’t have their own TV show yet, never say never.

The ultimate nod to their rise to top of the pop-culture heap has got to be the Beanie Babies namesake dolls that have just come out, although the company claims that they just liked the names and are not named after the first daughters.

Perhaps father does know best. When asked by George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” how his daughters managed their first week of school, Obama replied, “They seemed to thrive. I’m trying to figure out why it is that they don’t seemed to be fazed by anything. People think — you know, folks think I’m cool, they are a lot cooler than I am.”

That’s one point on which father and daughters would probably agree.

January 23, 2009   No Comments

Anne Hathaway: I Want to Babysit the Obama Girls

Anne Hathaway: I Want to Babysit the Obama GirlsPresident-elect Barack Obama has already filled his cabinet with Washington veterans like Hillary Clinton – but could there be room for Hollywood in his administration?

Anne Hathaway is just one star who would love a job in the Obama White House.

“I would want to be head babysitter,” the Bride Wars star tells PEOPLE. “I’d love to be First Babysitter, absolutely.”

Hathaway, 26, is not the only celebrity who would jump at the chance to spend time with Obama’s daughters, Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10. High School Musical star Corbin Bleu says he would happily perform for the first daughters.

“I’ll just go up and do performances for his kids all day and just keep them entertained,” he tells PEOPLE. “They seem like really sweet girls. They seem very well mannered. So I would be First Entertainer.”

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta echoed that sentiment. “I would give the girls music lessons,” he tells PEOPLE. “Probably not piano lessons, because I’m far from the greatest pianist, but voice lessons.”

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Katie & Suri

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri were spotted shopping in NYC at the Rockefeller Center gift shop yesterday. Suri wears Bonpoint’s BOHEME2 BROWN cheked dress and a Burberry coat.



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Celebrity twin expolsion

Is it just me or is everyone in Hollywood having twin babies lately? It’s like all of a sudden celebrities are popping out multiple birth babies at an unsually high rate. How much do you want to bet when the smoke clears from all this celebrity baby mania we will find out that some of these superstars are purposely getting in vitro fertilization to increase their baby load. [Read more →]

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Celebrity Kids : The Smith Siblings

Can you just imagine how fun it is to be living at Will and Jada’s house. Jaden and Willow gives us a glimpse of that. Look at their exuberant fashion sense. You could just tell the influence from their parents yet you know they have their own personality as well. Jaden was probably smiling form ear to ear when he saw himself in the mirror after he put on his plaid jacket. He knew he looked good, especially after the put on his aviator sunglasses. Willow on the other hand is having fun combining all the the funky stuff in her wardrobe.Red Flats, oh my! I’m going to have fun watching these next generation of Hollywood Stars grow into their own fashionista selves. The preview is already a show you can’t miss.





July 4, 2008   1 Comment

Celebaby Roundup

Father’s Day may have passed, but the celebaby and their pops were out in full force this weekend. Mr.Big made a sandy appearance with his new tot on the beach while Ziggy Marley pushed his lil ones through a zoo tour. Check out the slideshow to see what other famous families made nice with the shutterbugs. More pics of Celebaby.


[

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Would You Stay Together For Your Children’s Sake?

Tinseltown, like many other cities in America, has seen its share of breakups. From Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s finalized divorce to rumors swirling about the state of Madonna and Guy Richie’s marrige you wish them all the best as children are involved. And, the breakup of families is, well, heartbreaking. But, some couples don’t call it quits until after their offspring are out of the house.



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John and Ella Bleu Travolta

Like Dad, like daughter. For the Travoltas, movie making has become a family affair. John Travolta was on set filming the upcoming comedy Old Dogs with his wife, Kelly Preston and their eight-year-old, Ella Bleu. The flick also stars funny man, Robin Williams. Though Ella may be her mother’s daughter, she certainly got her father’s looks. The twosome share the same dark hair, brilliant baby blues, wide smile, cheekbones and chin. While daddy’s got a laundry list of films on his resume from Grease to Saturday Night Fever to Hairspray, it’s his lil cutie that we’re excited to see on the big screen.



June 24, 2008   2 Comments

Interview with Heidi Klum: She Can’t Get Enough of Her Kids


The paparazzi often catches model mom, Heidi Klum, playing with her children — Leni, 4, Henry, 2, and Johan, 1, but there’s a lot more to motherhood than what is captured in photographs. We had a chance to chat with the haute mama who had a few things to say about the experience.


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Maddox Jolie Pitt Is As Cool As Ever

by Dexie

*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom

Maddox Jolie Pitt is probably one of the coolest celebrity tot in the world :). Ever since he graced us with his presence and his famous mohawk haircut. Here he is with Daddy Brad in tow wearing his black tee, cami shorts, sunglasses and of course, the mohawk. Cool huh?

June 5, 2008   1 Comment

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